Recording Pocket Operator to Android

This post will cover how to use an Android device to record the Pocket Operator.

We'll cover devices with USB type C, and micro USB.

I will add some info on how to connect to an iPhone once I get my hands on one, or if you will write me about the methods you use to 🙏.

Note: I have the setup described below working on my phone (OnePlus 6T), and it should work on other devices as well, but I haven't tested it.


1. TRRS Splitter Cable

You want the TRRS 4-pole male split to 2 female (one for mic and one for headphones).

Male connects to your phone (possible with a converter, see below), PO connects to female mic, and headphones connect to female headphones.

If it's not 4-poles it won't work, so make sure the cable you're getting has it.

This is a good cable that I have and I am happy about the quality:

2. Audio Cable

You may need a few, depending on your setup.

I usually use 3:

Line out - to connect PO to splitter cable (phone)

Headphones - to connect my headphones to the splitter cable

Line in - to connect an input source to the PO (like a laptop)

For the headphones and input source I like to use medium length cables, but for the line out I like short ones. It's also more compact when traveling.

3. If your phone has no input jack, you need a converter - USB Type C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack

There are also converters that let you charge AND connect audio (WOW, remember when every phone had this option, no converters needed??).

So, this is the minimum you need to start recording on-the-go!

How does it look connected?

A lot of cables. This is why I prefer to use the short ones when possible.

A lot of cables. This is why I prefer to use short ones when possible.

Recording apps for Android

I use the voice recorder that is pre-installed on the OnePlus and it does the job.

There are other recorders you can use, please send me the ones you use to and I will add them here.


For some reason the native camera app (google camera) on my phone does not pick up the audio input from the setup above, but Open Camera does the job and it's a great camera.

Android phones with micro USB

(Thanks to xthetrinchox for providing the info!)

Similar as the setup above, but here you will need:

1. TRRS Splitter Cable

2. Rode SC4 TRRS

3. Male male TRS cable

In this Instagram post you can see the setup.

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